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Various colours on request.

500g Pack size

Newplast is pretty much Plasticine; we’re not going to deny it.  If you’re looking for a modelling material that is flexible, soft, great for kids and never dries so you can use it over and over again then Newplast is the one for the job.

Each “brick” of Newplast is 500g of modelling greatness, coming in a great range of colours for endless fun, whether you’re making a spaghetti wig for Barbie or making the next claymation masterpiece that will blow Wallace and Gromit out of the water.

If you want a wee selection of colours assorted blocks of Newplast are available so you won’t need hundreds of big blocks you might never use!

Just make sure not to let all the Newplast colours mixed up into that dark brown mess that used to plague primary schools the world over!

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