N-210/E Chamber Kiln – (Includes Kiln Furniture)


Heated from the left and right walls and floor and positioned at an ergonomic height, these models are an economical solution for schools, kindergardens and other institutions. These furnaces are ideal for operating temperatures of approx. 900 °C – 1300 °C.

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Model Tmax Int. W (mm) Int. D (mm) Int. H (mm) Ext. W (mm) Ext. D (mm) Ext. H (mm) Output (kW) Phase Volume (Lt)  Weight (kg)
1300C 500 580 700 710 1050 1560 11,0 3-Phase 210 270

Top quality:

  • Heated from two walls and the floor
  • Heating elements embedded in grooves for protection (N 140 E – N 280 E)
  • Freely radiating heating elements placed on supporting tubes (N 500 E)
  • Long-lasting, heavy-gauge heating elements
  • Special arrangement of heating elements for optimal temperature uniformity
  • Solid-state power control relays for silent operation (N 140 E – N 280 E)
  • Fast power switching for precise temperature uniformity
  • Thermocouple Type S
  • Door safety switch shuts down power to the elements when the door is opened
  • Multi-layered lining with light weight insulation bricks and microporus insulation for a cooler shell and low power consumption
  • Rugged, self-supporting, vaulted arch construction
  • Solid, double-walled door with long-life sealing
  • Door is adjustable and can be locked with padlock
  • Rugged housing design
  • Kiln floor plate included in delivery
  • Environment-friendly, long-life powder-coating of housing
  • Infinitely adjustable inlet air opening
  • Air outlet in the center of the ceiling ensures good circulation in the furnace chamber
  • Socket for connection of an exhaust tube (80 mm diameter) for N 140 E – N 280 E, ceiling flap for N 500 E included in scope of supply
  • Base included
  • GS safety mark for controlled safety, CE
  • Double-walled housing for low outside temperatures as additional equipment. Already standard with model N 500 E

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