Latex Moulding Kit



1l Liquid Latex                                                        x2 Mixing Beakers

5oml Latex Thickener                                            x1 Mixing Stick

2kg Plaster                                                               x2 Sets Of Nitrile Gloves

x1 Plaster Bandage Roll                                        x1 Disposable Mask

x1 Brush                                                                    x1 Information Sheet

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Pre-vulcanised liquid latex which is air drying. Makes very economical strong and durable strip-off moulds for the casting of plasters, cements and waxes. Can also be used to cast polyester resins on a limited basis. Moulds are made either by dipping, or by painting on layers of latex (allowing each layer to dry before proceeding to the next layer) onto the original to build to the required thickness. A faster build up of latex when painting can be achieved by using Latex Thickener.

When you have the desired amount of layers applied and it has fully dried, you can then use strips of plaster bandage over the latex to create a support/jacket to hold your latex mould. You now can mix up your plaster and pour it into the mould and allow to dry !

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