Junior VS Potters Wheel – Table Top Version


The Junior VS is an electrically driven wheel for use by those for whom pottery is a hobby. It is not intented for permanent / professional use. Due to its small size the potters wheel is very easy to handle.

Dimentions = Height 150mm    Witdh  = 415mm

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Potters Wheel – Junior VS:

Motor Power = 300Watts -0.4HP

Voltage = 230V

Speed = Smoothly adjustable up to about 200rpm, clockwise.

Drive = Direct current, electronically regulated, maintenence free.

Foot Pedal = Maintains still at any speed.

Wheel Head = Aluminium, Diametre 240mm with centreing grooves.

Splash pan = With outflow and easily removed for cleaning.

Dimentions = Height 150mm    Witdh  = 415mm


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