Shelf Carriage / Drying Rack

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Product information “Shelf-carriage / Drying Rack”

The shelf-carriage is used to store and transport ceramic half-rea- dy pieces. The carry-tubes can be inserted on different heights. Carry-shelfs of 1500x300mm can be used. The construction of the shelf-carriage is of square tubes. The solid tires can be adjusted in two different ways:

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Normal position
2 caster wheels at both corners of the handle
2 stable/unmoveable wheels on the diametrical corners

Middle-axis (the carriage can be turned round on the spot)
one wheel under each beam in front and in the back
2 stable wheels in the middle (see illustration)

The shelf-carriage is delivered in disassembled parts including ten carry-tubes.

Length without steering-handle 1000 mm
Breadth ca. 700 mm
Height ca. 1500 mm
Length of the carry-tubes ca. 600 mm
Distance between the holes for the carry-tubes ca.150 mm

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Weight 75.01 kg

Small 303, Medium 304, Large 305a

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