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Procell RF9 – ( Rigid Foam )

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Polyurethane Liquid Expanding Foam Kit !

Easy to mix

  • Rigid foam
  • Self skinning in closed mould
  • Tough when cured
  • Great for props, armatures & art .

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ProCell RF9 is a liquid 2 component low viscosity polyurethane system (650-750 cps) to be used for mold casting to reproduce light objects in stiff / rigid foam with low density (approx. 120-140 gr / liter).
ProCell RF9 produces a foam for exothermic reaction, mixed in the simple ratio 1: 1 (weight or volume) of two liquid components (polyol and isocyanate), which when mixed and poured into the mold, and thanks to the low viscosity are easy to find everywhere in the mold, just make sure not to have air pockets, feel free to rotate the mold to distribute the material, but not after the expansion has begun.
Then the compound begins to rapidly expand and polymerize, giving rise to a self-shining foam with a volume of about 7-9 times its volume, in a freely expanding environment.
With a very stiff and very hard result, with good dimensional and high stability.
The high adhesion that characterizes ProCell RF9 (adheres to all smooth and porous materials such as wood, stone, plastic, plaster, cement, polystyrene, etc.), allows it to be chemically bonded to rubber and polyurethane plastic (for
best results we recommend that you pour the foam in the rubber or polyurethane resin parts before they have completely catalyzed).
The polyurethane foam ProCell RF9 also has excellent resistance to heat (-60 ° C / + 100 ° C) against aging (resistant to mold and microorganisms).
Once cured, the polyurethane foam is not dangerous for anatomical contact, it can be drilled, cut and painted. It can be easily modeled with suitable cutting tools (eg saws, cutters, knives)
Thanks to the properties described above, the ProCell RF9 polyurethane foam bi-component is perfect for use in scenography and special effects (such as filling empty volumes, for realizing structures, props and stage characters), and for prototypes and industrial design.


The number indicated in the PRO-CELL RF foams represents how many LBS of material it takes to fill a cubic foot.

For example, PRO-CELL RF9 takes 9LBS of material to fill a cubic foot and it takes 2LBS PRO-CELL RF2  to fill the same cubic foot due to it’s higher expansion


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2kg Kit, 10kg Kit, 40kg Kit

Procell RF9 General Information Sheet


Procell RF9 - TDS Sheet

Procell RF9 Part A - Material Safety Data Sheet


MSD Sheet For Procell RF9 - A Polyol

Procell RF9 PART B - Material Safety Data Sheet


MSD Sheet For Procell RF9 - B Isocyanate

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