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“Platsil Gel 00” comes as a “Two Part Kit A&B”, this silicone creates a softer silicone than “Platsil Gel 10” that requires less deadener to create a prosthetic gel. It’s also soft enough to be used on its own to create dummy body parts and silicone masks.

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PlatSil Gel-OO is similar to PlatSil Gel-10 and PlatSil Gel-25 in all respects except in its Shore hardness. Gel-OO is measured on the Shore OO scale as an OO-30. It offers a 1:1 mix ratio, 6-minute working time and 30-minute demold time. It can be thickened with PlatThix for brushing, slowed down for a longer working time with PlatSil 71/73 Part R and, maybe most importantly, Gel-OO can be “deadened” with Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener or PlatSil Deadener LV (Low Viscosity). In fact, even less Deadener is required to soften the Gel-OO and to create tacky, self-sticking appliances or super-gels. In addition, PlatSil Gel-OO  can be combined with PlatSil Gel-10 and PlatSil Gel-25 in any ratio (keeping respective As and Bs at the right 1:1 ratio) to make any hardness PlatSil Gel between a Shore A~25 to a super-soft Shore OO~30.

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