MacWax Release Agent – Aerosol 400ml


MACWAX is a blend of waxes dispersed in rapid drying solvents and packed in aerosol form. This product does not contain CFCs, 111-trichloroethane or any other kind of halogenated solvent.

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MACWAX is suitable for use with many casting materials and a variety of mould types. Typical casting materials are polyurethane epoxy acrylic and polyester.MACWAX is also used extensively for moulding flexible semi-rigid and rigid polyurethane foams.MACWAX has been formulated for high quality general purpose moulding at temperatures from ambient to 80oC. Hiwax may be used where a silicone release agent is undesirable such as when the moulded part needs to be painted or bonded. MACWAX may also be used as a sealant for wood stone cement and other porous surfaces prior to moulding. Very porous substrates may require the application of a specialised sealant such as DS302 prior to application of HIWAX.

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