G77 Vertical Pugmills 3″ outlet De-Airing



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The G77 is a fantastic development of our successful De-airing range of pugmills.
Gladstone pioneered the antis feed back tube in de-airing pugmills  over 20 years ago and due to this very successful development we are able to offer the only production Vertical de-airing pug mill . The G77 has all of the advantages of a standard Vertical pugmill these include the ease of use the more ergonomic loading position and the very compact design that only uses a small amount of floor space , less space than our smallest pug mill mounted on a bench . The incredible advantage of the G77 is not only that it can produce a well de-aired body  that can be used straight out of the pug mill but with the fitment of optional dies it can extrude thin wall hollow extrusion with out the risk of the extrusion collapsing .

  • Construction— 6” (150 mm ) Aluminium body with a 75 mm out let split body and nose cone to facilitate easy cleaning  , individual Aluminium blades mounted on a hexagonal shaft .
  • Drive— 1.1 KW (1.5 Hp ) Geared reduction drive  single or three phase
  • Vacuum pump— Rotary vane oil immersed –28” (-1 Bar ) Capacity .
  • Dimensions 610 mm long x 610 mm wide x 2150 mm high
  • Out put 320 Kilos per hour
  • Weight— 145 Kilos
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