G53 Vertical Pugmill 3″ outlet


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The G53 vertical pugmill has a 150 mm split aluminium barrel with a 75 mm outlet with individual Alloy blades mounted on a hexagonal shaft . The G53 offers superior performance over conventional horizontal pugmills  but has the very effective advantage of only taking up a 60 cm x 60 cm foot print so it takes up very little room in the studio , the pugmill is sturdily mounted on its own stand which only requires securing to a suitable floor.

Technical specification

  • Drive— 0.75 KW (1 Hp) with helical reduction gearbox
  • Construction— All aluminium body 150 mm in diameter with a 75 mm out let, fitted with Alloy blades mounted on a hexagonal shaft with taper roller bearings , split body for easy cleaning , thermal over load starter with safety interlocked switch
  • Out put—360 Kilos per hour
  • Dimensions—Depth 711 mm x 609 mm width x 1980 mm high
  • Weight— 123 Kilos
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Weight100 kg

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