Clear Flow VII – Epoxy Table Top Resin


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Clear Flow VII Epoxy Is Commonly Used As A Durable Finish On All Types Of Tabletops & Counters.

It is Also Great For Large Pours In River-Tables, Flooring And for Embedded Castings.

( Mixing by Volume – Two Parts Resin / One Part Hardener )

NOTE: The mixing ratio must be accuratley followed. It is not possible to change the mixing ratio, This would result in lower mechanical properties and the resin not drying corectly.

The mixture should be thoroughly stired (mix for 3-4 mins) to ensure full homogeneity. Epoxy system tend to heat up much faster in a pot than as a film/coating. Therefore mix only the necessary amount usable within the given pot life.

It is very important that your resin is at  room temperture “aprox:18°- 25°” prior to pouring and during its complete drying process, if needed sit both containers in hot water for 15 mins to thin out the viscosity!

Working Time: Aprox 2 hrs                      Touch Dry: Aprox 48 hrs                       Demoulding: Aprox 72 hrs

Fully Cured: Aprox 5-7 Days                     Heat Resistance: Aprox 90°-95°

Applyable Surfaces: Wood, Metal, Glass, Concrete, Canvas, Plastic


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750ml, 1.5Ltr, 7.5Ltr

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