Art Cast ( Epoxy Resin )

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( Larger Kit Sizes Available By Special Request )

  • Our resin is an optically clear epoxy resin system formulated to produce clear laminates, coatings, linings and small castings with great UV stability.
  • Art-cast is easy to use, cures at ambient temperture and is self-leveling.
  • The resin is non-flammable, odour-free and has no solvent content.
  • Common uses:
  • To seal & protect Artwork, Paintings, Sculptures, Table-tops etc…
  • Small castings such as Jewlery, Key-rings, Pen-blanks & Embedding objects.




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NOTE: The mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the mixing ratio, This would result in lower mechanical properties and the resin not drying correctly.

TOP TIP : Make sure both parts A & B are at room temp prior to mixing ! Leave close to a radiator or in warm water until the resins viscosity is thinner!

The mixture should be thoroughly stirred (mix for 3-4 mins) to ensure full homogeneity. Epoxy system tend to heat up much faster in a pot than as a film/coating. Therefore mix only the necessary amount usable within the given pot life.

Working Time: 10-15 mins                       Touch Dry: 4-5 hrs                             Fully Cured: 24 hrs

Approx Coverage: One Coat @ 1mm Thick:

500ml Kit = .500 Sq Mtr                                      1Ltr Kit = 1 Sq Mtr                                 2Ltr Kit = 2 Sq Mtr



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Kit Size:

500ml Kit, 1Ltr Kit, 2Ltr Kit

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Art Cast ( Epoxy Resin )

  1. Stef

    I put a thin layer “maybe 2-3mm” of this epoxy resin on a small coffee table top to give it a nice smooth shiny finish and it worked out great ! Looking forward to using it again !

  2. Paul Hopkins

    I work with high flow acrylics paints.
    Up untill this point I have used clear varnish to seal my paintings.. It can be a real problem sourcing the right products for lots of different reasons. Strong Odours, non yellowing self levelling, to name but a few..
    My first time using the Art Cast Resin as a finisher I was surprised at how easy it is to use, It gave me the finish I have been looking for..
    Crystal clear, colours remained vibrant, adding layers and depth to the overall look of the paintings..
    I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, I dropped in to RPM supplies and found the guys there really helpfull….
    Thanks Paul

    • Stefon Deithrick

      Thank you for your product review, we look forward to dealing with you in the near future !

  3. Graham Clark

    Superb finish at the first time of using. I’ll be in tomorrow for more.

    • Stefon Deithrick

      Excellant! Glad you liked it. Theres plenty more in stock !

  4. Brenda Murphy

    Brilliant clear finish. No pull back from the edges. Drying time is amazing, and it’s so easy to use. Didn’t have to babysit the pieces like other resins. Would really like a calculator giving quantities for size of artwork on this website. Used Art Resin in the past and they have one on their site. I used their calculation but it isn’t that accurate for your resin. After using your resin, I won’t be going back to Art Resin

    • Stefon Deithrick

      Thanks Brenda for your comment & your purchase! We are glad to hear you liked our product and your project worked out well.
      As for the online calculator, yes your right it would it would come in very handy for people, Il be looking into setting one up. Thanks

  5. Michelle Power

    Ive purchased various different resins for my Jewellery making and have to say that I find RPM’s product the best so far. Ive purchased and used 3 different batches so far and look forward to using it again. I also appreciate the hints and tips from the staff when making purchases.

  6. Eleanor Shortt

    Fantastic product, Rpm’s resin is far superior to any that I have used in the past. Very happy customer.

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